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The MITH Factor

Do you spend money on impulse?
Have your spending habits today, delayed you getting what you really want tomorrow?
What could you do differently to help you curb the impulse purchases that you make?
Often when people think of the word sacrifice they think of having to give up something.
Having to lose out on something they want or enjoy. Sometimes they think of pain or suffering, sadness, and worry. 
How about if you looked at sacrifice from another perspective and instead of looking at it as having to give up something, but instead think about it as drawing closer to something. You see, more often than not, we may have to give up temporary comfort and enjoyment to get long-term happiness and freedom. Sometimes we have to give up on bad habits so we can draw closer to good ones. For example, you may want good health and to lose weight, but you may have to reduce your calorie intake and do a little exercise. You may want to buy the house that you really want, but you need to give up some free time that you have to make extra money to help towards the deposit or simply cut back on non-essential items to recoup unnecessary spending.
What do you really want for your life financially and what sacrifices are you prepared to make to achieve what your heart desires. REMEMBER: the bigger the goal the bigger the sacrifice.
Many people spend their time doing things that they do not enjoy or love, working in places that do not bring them happiness or joy. There are many people that have a job, but not a career, they have a career but not a calling. There are people that are not completely happy with what they do on a day-to-day basis. They may be more than capable but not mentally stimulated. They have reached the peak of their career. There are also those people that are in completely the wrong job for them. I believe that everyone has anointed, a sweet spot, their natural flow or what is sometimes referred to as being in the zone.
All of us are gifted in our own way and all of us are blessed with our own natural talents, however, there are some of us that do not know or have not recognized what our natural state of flow maybe. 
Have you noticed in life that when you do what you are good at things just tend to be easier for you? You enjoy it more, you have more energy and time seems to just fly by. However, when you do what is not natural to you, things take longer, they take more willpower, the smallest task seems to drain you more than 30 runs on a treadmill, you may even procrastinate more than usual. That because you are not operating in you your anointing, you are out of the flow and out of sync with who you are called to be and the space that you are called to occupy in this world.


Are you working in your natural flow now in your current career?
If not, what would you see yourself doing for the rest of your life?
If yes, is there anything that could be changed or improved to help you flow even better than you are now.


I’ve heard that you should never go shopping for food when you are hungry because everything just seems more appetizing. The hunger just seems to make you lose all sense of control and natural sense. The same can be seen for spending money. I have heard it said that when emotions are high intelligence is low and we often buy things on emotion then justify why we need them with logic after. Many of us suffer from eye lust, we see something we like and we want it. The advert on tv makes it seem so appealing that we can’t wait to purchase it. Instant gratification and this microwave and fast food society that we live in now encourages us to want things, fast, quicker, instant, and NOW. When it comes to spending, saving, investing and success usually the opposite is true. You need patience, timing, and delayed gratification. Your ability to embrace the process, take small steps in the right direction, and remain focused on the vision is what helps you to have long-lasting and sustained success.

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